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Jacksonville Attorneys Defend Clients After Traffic Tickets

Florida law firm works to help you keep your license after driving violations

Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket may seem like the easiest way to deal with it. For many drivers, this could be a big mistake. When you pay your ticket, it means you are pleading guilty to the infraction. In addition to causing your insurance rates to climb, you can be putting yourself at risk to have your license suspended in the future. The attorneys at the law firm of Shafer Law, P.A. work with clients to avoid license suspension and large fines. We work to get our clients back on the road as quickly as possible.

Avoiding penalties for speeding tickets

The most common tickets received by Florida drivers are for exceeding the speed limit. Speeding violations can result in points on your license. Typical points penalties for speeding include:

  • 3 points for driving 15mph or less over the speed limit
  • 4 points for going more than 15mph over the speed limit
  • 6 points for speeding resulting in a crash

Jacksonville drivers are frequently also cited for driving carelessly. Our attorneys will fight any of these charges and work hard to keep you on the road.

Defending drivers accused of moving violations

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of all types of traffic infractions and the best defenses against tickets. In many cases, we are able to help our clients plead down to a lower offense so that they can keep their license. We defend against moving violations such as:

  • Failure to stop at a traffic signal (4 points)
  • Passing a school bus (4 points)
  • Littering (3 points)
  • Improper lane change (3 points)
  • Leaving the scene of a crash (6 points)

A ticket does not have to result in a conviction or a guilty plea. Our attorneys can challenge your ticket on many possible grounds.

Fighting Jacksonville DUI charges

Our attorneys help drivers facing criminal charges for driving under the influence or driving with a suspended license. We represent both adults and minors in intoxication cases. Minors under 21 years of age face a six-month suspension for having even a small amount of alcohol on their breath. Anyone who refuses a breathalyzer test faces a license suspension of one year for a first offense and 18 months for a second offense. If you have been accused of a DUI or refusal to take a chemical test, it is essential that you get help from an experienced attorney at our firm right away.

Speak to our traffic law attorneys before you make any decisions

At the Law Firm of Shafer Law, P.A., give our clients the information they need to decide whether to challenge a ticket and the legal assistance to put up a defense when they choose to. In many cases, our clients find they are able to reduce their citation to a lower offense. Our Jacksonville law firm handles citations for every type of traffic violation, including those issued to drivers with Commercial Driving Licenses (CDLs). Call us now at 904-450-5872 or contact us online.