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Time-Tested Theft Defense Attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida

More than 80 years of combined experience helping the accused overcome theft charges

If you’ve been arrested for committing a theft, pawning a stolen item, dealing in stolen property, or falsely claiming ownership of a pawned item, you need the immediate assistance and representation of an experienced, aggressive defense lawyer. The Law office of Robert Shafer & Associates, P.A. understands theft cases and will aggressively work for you. Our attorneys have handled thousands of these types of cases in the last 34 years.

You deserve a high quality defense

Each case is different. We defend first time offenders as well as alleged repeat offenders throughout the greater Jacksonville area. A theft conviction could have long-lasting consequences. A shoplifting conviction or theft crime on your record can cause problems. In many cases, even though a client is “factually” guilty, we can prevent the client from being found “legally” guilty, and erase the arrest from the client’s record.

Theft crimes vary widely and carry an array of serious punishments, depending on the circumstances of your individual cases. Those punishments may become even more severe if your theft charge is linked to burglary or robbery charges. Speaking with an attorney at Robert Shafer & Associates may lead to reduced or even eliminated punishments.

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Robert Shafer & Associates is a Criminal Defense Law Firm in Florida that accepts cases from Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Orange Park, Green Cove Springs and Ponte Vedra. We’ve helped thousands of clients accused of theft: we may be able to help you, too. Call us today at 904-450-5872 or contact us online to set up your consultation.