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Jacksonville Defense Attorneys Protect You from Child Abuse Charges

When it comes to being charged with child abuse, things have changed dramatically. Leaving any mark on a child can result in you being convicted of felony charges of child abuse or aggravated child abuse. For example, if a child is struck with a hand or any other instrument and a mark is left, and it is discovered by school personnel, they are required call police immediately. In addition, the Department of Children and Families will get involved in your case and attempt to remove your child from the household and put them in foster care.

It is extremely important to consult the law firm Shafer Law, P.A. immediately if you are charged or about to be charged with child abuse. We can start planning your defense as quickly as possible. If needed, we can obtain the assistance of other professionals in your case.

As with any violation of the law, you should NEVER speak to law enforcement officials regarding any allegations of child abuse without consulting us first.

Consequences of child abuse allegations

Even the allegation of child abuse can negatively affect your future. Additionally, the severity of the child’s injuries could result in enhanced penalties. It is important to contact us immediately upon learning of any allegations. In our years of practice, we have found that it is often the case that these charges are trumped up beyond the actual facts. The government has many agencies devoted to child protection, all of which can have an impact on how your case is resolved. We will make contact with all these agencies upon being retained.

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Child abuse charges are extremely serious.  The effects of a conviction could be felt throughout your entire life.  At Shafer Law, we have the know-how needed to fight those charges.  To make an appointment, call us at 904-450-5872 or contact us online.