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Exceptional Domestic Abuse Defense Firm in Jacksonville, FL

Excellent defense for those facing accusations of domestic abuse by veteran attorneys

If you have been charged with domestic battery or violence, it is crucial that you engage the services of a criminal lawyer with an established mastery of domestic abuse defense. The domestic battery defense attorneys at Robert Shafer & Associates, P.A. represent clients who have been charged with domestic abuse to ensure their legal rights are protected in court.

Consequences for domestic abuse conviction

The consequences of conviction for domestic abuse in Florida can include:

  • Significant jail time
  • Stiff monetary penalties
  • Remaining separated from your spouse and children
  • A permanent criminal record, making it extremely difficult to gain certain types of employment in your future
  • Damage to your reputation in your community, and with family and friends
  • A decrease in the quality of life for you and your family

When you consult with the Jacksonville domestic abuse law firm Robert Shafer & Associates, we don’t pass judgment on your actions.  You receive the combined benefit of Robert Shafer’s experience in the local State Attorney’s Office, and Hugh Fletcher’s 24 years of experience as a County Judge. Our strategies have led to an extremely large number of successful conclusions of domestic abuse and domestic violence cases.

Call the domestic abuse lawyers of Robert Shafer & Associates immediately

The law firm of Robert Shafer & Associates has more than 30 years’ experience providing fierce and determined representation for individuals accused of domestic abuse. We investigate each case thoroughly. We know how to challenge evidence, and to determinedly fight for our clients rights. For a free initial consultation, contact our firm through our web based contact form, or call us at 904-450-5872.