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What is the Difference between Petty Theft and Grand Theft in Florida?

The seriousness of a theft crime generally depends on the value of stolen goods. Whenever possible, experienced theft defense attorneys in Jacksonville, FL employ defense strategies to have authorities reduce felony charges to misdemeanors. Florida Statute 812.014 Theft outlines the difference between petit theft (petty theft) and grand theft in Florida. Generally, stealing property valued […]

How Do Chatroom and Other Online Stings Work?

Today, digital communication facilitates the commission of numerous sex crimes. Consequently, authorities began setting up sting operations to catch online sexual predators. The operations primarily target suspects engaging in illegal sexual conversations or encounters with minors. If you are caught in an online sting, Florida sex crimes defense attorneys employ effective case strategies to protect […]

What Potential Penalties Might You Face for a Florida DUI?

Understanding the potential penalties you may face when arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can help put your case into perspective. A Florida DUI attorney in Jacksonville works to help you beat the charges, seek reduced charges or obtain lighter sentencing. Florida statutes outline penalties for DUI offenses as follows: First DUI offense Fine […]

What are Your Rights Under Unlawful Search and Seizure in a Drug Case?

Challenging drug search and seizure is often a common criminal defense tactic used in drug cases. Jacksonville drug crime attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest or search to find out whether there were constitutional rights violations. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees your rights against unreasonable search and seizure, and requires authorities […]