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How Can Someone Be Punished if They Violate a COVID-19 Stay at Home Order?

Across the country, stay-at-home orders have strained law enforcement and tested how far states and municipalities are willing to go to enforce the orders. These directives have triggered controversy and confusion, as standards sometimes differ from town to town or county to county. In certain instances, people who have violated government edicts designed to reduce […]

What are Considered Essential Businesses Under States’ COVID-19 Rules?

During the coronavirus pandemic, previously bustling locations from malls to urban downtowns have gone eerily quiet. But your local pizza place might still be open, along with restaurants that can survive on takeout and delivery orders and, of course, grocery stores. After all, keeping people fed during an epidemic is critical, and food delivery and […]

What Happens if You Host a Gathering While in Quarantine?

Along with the serious health risks associated with coronavirus, Americans are burdened by quarantine orders and similar directives that forbid them from seeing their loved ones, even for major events such as holidays and birthdays. It can be tempting to try to break the rules, especially for people who believe that they don’t fall into […]

Your Rights in the Criminal Process

We’ve all seen criminals on late-night drama shows exclaiming that they know their rights.  However, it’s not always clear what somebody’s rights during a criminal process actually are. Knowing your rights is vital to making sure that they are upheld. Most of the rights that a person is entitled to during the criminal process are […]

What is House Arrest?

From Martha Stewart to Dominique Straus-Kahn, there has been no shortage of high-profile people placed under house arrest for their crimes. House arrest is not just for the rich and famous, however. It is one way for people to serve a sentence while still working or attending school. In Florida, house arrest is also called […]

What is the Florida 10-20-Life Law?

Under the Florida 10-20-Life law, you face enhanced charges and penalties. It is vital for any Jacksonville defendant facing felony charges under this law to seek experienced legal representation from Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers. Florida statute 775.087 explains what has come to be known as Florida’s 10-20-Life Law. The Florida legislature passed the law in […]

What is the Difference Between an Appeal and Post-Conviction Litigation?

Appeals and post-conviction litigation are legal remedies that defendants can pursue after the jury renders a verdict. Generally, an appeal is the first action undertaken. If you believe that your conviction or sentencing is unjust, consult with a Jacksonville appeals lawyer about helping you file an appeal. An appeal is a request for a higher […]

What is Domestic Violence According to Florida Law?

Law enforcement considers domestic violence a dangerous crime, and facing domestic violence charges can rise to the level of a felony depending on the circumstances. However, in many cases, a Jacksonville domestic abuse attorney can argue for reduced charges and protect your rights. Under Florida statute 741.28, domestic violence includes any of the following actions: […]

What is Florida Law Regarding Expungement?

Sealing criminal records in Florida keeps them out of the public view, which can make a tremendous difference for you when trying to rent an apartment, get a bank loan or apply for a job. Even when no conviction occurred, an arrest creates a criminal record that can color people’s opinion of you and create […]

What is Florida D6 Suspension and Clearance?

Traffic violations are just one of the many ways you can get your driver’s license suspended or revoked in Florida. However, often, you may fight traffic violation allegations through the help of a Jacksonville traffic violations lawyer. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida county courts suspend driver’s licenses when drivers fail […]