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Robert Shafer was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and attended Florida State University (FSU) where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctorate, with honors, at 24 years of age. Mr. Shafer joined the State Attorney’s Office in 1979 and quickly rose through the ranks, prosecuting cases in Duval, Clay and Nassau counties from misdemeanors to first degree murders. He left the State Attorney’s Office in 1985. As a Director of the State Attorney’s Office, Mr. Shafer was in charge of all felony prosecutions in Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties.

Subsequently, Mr. Shafer opened his law practice and focused solely on criminal defense.  He has never received a disciplinary action from the Florida Bar during his 30-year career.

Personal Philosophy

Mr. Shafer decided to pursue a legal career in his late teens when he was arrested four (4) times, two of which he claims were bogus arrests (the other two were Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, for which he admitted guilt). These early arrests had a significant impact on Mr. Shafer’s views of the nature of the law and civil liberties.  They also resulted in Mr. Shafer’s distrust of the government… especially law enforcement.

Mr. Shafer passionately believes that every person arrested should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of his/her guilt. Further, Mr. Shafer argues forcefully against the prosecution and sentencing of those accused of “victimless” crimes, such as drug offenses, consensual sex offenses, etc. Mr. Shafer deeply understands that each client deserves his personal attention whenever and wherever necessary to ensure fairness in all criminal cases. Mr. Shafer also firmly believes quality criminal representation should be affordable.