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What Types of Fraud Charges Can Defendants Face?

Some of the more common forms of fraud include writing bad checks, stopping payment on a check with intent to defraud after receiving purchases, falsification of real estate property or credit applications and identity theft. However, Florida law also covers numerous other types of fraud ― including mail fraud, corporate fraud and healthcare fraud, to name a few. Facing fraud charges is a very serious offense. If authorities accuse you of fraud, consult with a Jacksonville fraud defense attorney to protect your rights.

One example of a common type of fraud is a case that occurred several years ago in Florida, where the FBI indicted several dozen individuals. They were indicted for obtaining fraudulent loans and lines of credit for clients. The owner of Palm Beach Business Consultants (PBBC) had workers draft fraudulent loan and credit packages and submit them to lenders. Sometimes clients used their own names and sometimes they used the name of friends or relatives with good credit standings or uninvolved but bona fide corporations. Bank officials who were in on the fraud received commissions ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. There were 17 bank workers also implicated in the fraud, among the several dozen individuals indicted. Once the banks paid the loans, the loan applicants defaulted and banks lost millions of dollars. The FBI stated that an estimated 10 banks lost $10 million through the frauds.

Whether accused of writing a bad check or involvement in multi-million dollar fraud case, defendants should seek skilled legal representation from an experienced Jacksonville fraud lawyer.

Robert Shafer & Associates has experience handling all types of fraud cases in courts at the federal and state levels.

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